About the team

Glamville was born out of a need for affordable and impressive beauty products without the international shipping costs! The team is made up of 3 core members Reti, Wumi and James. We're very good friends who all share a passion for entrepreneurship and the beauty world.

Reti and Wumi are girls with a passion everything beauty and fashion and James is the numbers guy who understands beauty more than the average man! (Yes we do test swatches on him).

As a team we believe in high standards and ultimate customer satisfaction, which means most times we disagree on strategy, but ultimately make the best decision as a team with our customers at the forefront. We do love our Glamfam!

Reti Has every shade and eye shadow pallet you can ever imagine a true eye shadow connoisseur!

Wumi Has over 100 lipsticks, mostly orange tones, yes orange is her favourite Colour.

James you may not find any makeup in his kit, perhaps a facemask and a calculator, someone has to get the numbers right!

Why we chose Tea time?

Ever heard the phrase “Pop the kettle on”? It means let’s have some tea. In England our home country there’s always time for tea. Indeed, Glamville was born over a tea and crumpet session. Our aim was to make products which reflected our personalities and environment.

Growing up in London a vibrant, colourful and multicultural city, one common theme in every household, street, major store and area is a tea shop, we are indeed a nation of tea lovers, so it was only right we paid homage to our national pride TEA.

We have shades ranging from a red velvet cake to a vanilla macaroon. We hope you enjoy your products as much as we enjoyed the process of making them.

Welcome to the tea party glamfam!

The Team