Supporting Period Poverty

Glamville are passionate about giving back, especially to causes so close to our hearts that impact the lives of so many young girls. Glamville believe it's important to promote positive body images and educate young females about their bodies and how to cope with key changes such as periods - it's nothing to be shamed about! That's why we've teamed up with the ladies over at PERIODICAL DIARY to help make a difference. 


 We are extremely excited to have teamed up with PERIODICAL DAIRY, a small UK-based charitable organisation ran by two amazing females, who take time out of their schedules as social workers to help end period-poverty in the UK. 

PERIODICAL DIARY do a lot more than just hand out sanitary products. They promote period empowerment by sharing menstruation knowledge advise and support to girls in school and homeless women. By purchasing from the Tea Time collection, not only do you support them in raising awareness of period poverty in the UK but you also help to put an end to it!